Converting Attic Space into a Bedroom

Converting existing attic space into a bedroom is a popular project that can return over 93% of the money invested when you sell your house. When deciding whether to convert an attic into living space, consider the following questions:

  • Easy Access: Is the attic area easy to get to, and are there stairs already in place?
  • Ceiling Height: Is the ceiling high enough to keep the space from feeling cramped?
  • Natural Light: Will you use skylights, dormers, or gable windows to provide natural light and ventilation to the room?
  • Floor Strength: Are the existing joists strong enough to support the floor, or will larger ones need to be installed?
  • Mechanical Systems: Will existing plumbing, electrical, or heating and cooling ducts cause a problem?


  1. Our attic space is just off the master bedroom upstairs now.
    It does not have sufficient flooring. There is a row of
    support beams right in the center. However was wanting to turn into maybe a bathroom as the bedroom only have 1/2 bath. You have to go throught the closet to get to the attic and it is a tiny foot wide by 4 ft entry way. What do you think. We could put a door on the wall of the bedroom to access the attic. what kind of cost would be incur with this tyupe of project?

  2. video was informative, but what about adequate soffit venting and insulating the roof as you were going to be closing off the gable vent by installing a window, correct?

  3. How do I know if attic floor is sufficient for added weight.
    Also, Looks like a lot of wind braces and added 2×4 nailed to the joyce to walk on. How do I know what I can take out and what is needed to support the structure (home). Thank you,

    • Hi Glen,
      If you convert your attic to a room, it needs to meet the same requirements for floor strength as any other room. Since the size and spacing of the joists needed will vary depending on the span, check building codes and books on house framing to see what you would need for your room. Same with the roof framing, while it’s possible the builder used overkill on the bracing, odds are he was following codes, so you would need to consult roof framing books or your local codes to see what’s needed. Good luck with your project!

  4. I have a bedroom up in the attic now. My issue is there are two walls on either side that allow attic space. Can I tear down these walls to enlarge the bedroom? I am worried that these walls would be load bearing. How do I know if they are or not? I have seen other houses in our area that do not have these walls upstairs and it adds a whole lot of room.

  5. Was wondering , I can do all the remodel we live in an older home , but the ceiling height us only 6.5 at the center can we still use it to make a bedroom


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