Use: Assist in getting in and out of a tub or shower.
Cost: $9.95 + $6.95 S&H = $16.90 total
Rating: ★★★★☆

Falls in the bathroom are a major cause of accidents, so we decided to put the Super Grip Safety Grip Handle to the test to see how well it worked. The Super Grip attaches to smooth surfaces – like tile or fiberglass showers – with lever operated suction cups, which allow it to be installed or removed in seconds without drilling or gluing.

While not intended to support full body weight, like a permanently installed grab bar, the Super Grip Safety Grip Handle performed well in our tests and could provide limited support on wet, slippery surfaces.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: Allen is checking out a product that is supposed to make the bath and shower a little safer. Although this suction cup handle appears to be intended as a grab bar.

Allen Lyle: And it’s just that, when you read something like this, automatically it denotes a grab bar.

Danny Lipford: The manufacturer backs away from making that specific claim.

Allen Lyle: Then they’re very, very clear to tell you. Use for stability only. Not intended to support full body weight.

Danny Lipford: But the question is, how does it work? So Allen attaches it to the wall of the shower and puts it to the test with a little weight.

Allen Lyle: That’s a pretty doggone good seal on that.

Danny Lipford: And then, a little more.

Allen Lyle: Tell you what. Hand me that 10 pound weight in there.

Danny Lipford: And then, a lot.

Allen Lyle: I can tell you that’s more than 10 pounds right there.

Danny Lipford: The Super Grip seems to do the job it’s intended for quite well.

Allen Lyle: You can see it will start to move a little bit if you put a whole lot more weight on there. Uh, all in all, it’s very good.

Danny Lipford: It’s still just a temporary fix, but apparently a pretty good one. We give it a four out of five rating.

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Danny Lipford


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