How To Refinish Bathroom Fixtures

Rather than replacing old bathroom sinks, tubs, or tile; give them new life by applying a one-part, spray-on, epoxy finish, such as Homax Tough as Tile® Tub & Sink Refinishing Kit.

Before applying the finish, be sure to prepare the surface properly following the directions in the kit. Watch this video to find out more.

Just because a bathroom fixture is worn, damaged, or dated doesn’t mean it has to be replaced. You can give new life to old sinks, tubs, and ceramic tile with a one-part, spray-on, epoxy finish.

Preparation is the key to success with these refinishing kits, so follow the directions carefully, and don’t cut corners. The time and effort you invest will pay big dividends. You’ll get great results without hiring a professional to replace or restore the fixture.

This tip brought to you by Homax – Creating Better Homes.


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