Pegasus Estates Collection Decorative Grab Bars

These decorative grab bars, from the Pegasus Estates collection, are attractive as well as functional in your bathroom. Made of stainless steel, Pegasus grab bars are available at The Home Depot in several styles and finishes including:

Watch this video to find out more.


Jodi Marks: As more and more Americans move into their golden years, unfortunately, some of them are starting to feel the physical limitations of age. And also, just as unfortunate, is they’re maybe not able to feel as safe or move around in their homes as much as they grow older. Especially, if you’re thinking about aging in place and using your bathroom. Because that’s where a lot of accidents happen.

So, grab bars are really important. But you don’t like those institutionalized looks, and I wouldn’t either. So take a look at what Pegasus now offers. You can get different styles, different finishes. And the nice thing is you can get this without sacrificing practicality or safety because this all creates a nice style. It ties in with the collection of say, tissue holders, towel racks, robe holders. All of this ties together to create a nice look; but again, provide the safety that you’ll need as you grow older.


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