Importance of Proper Venting for Bathroom Fans

Installing a bathroom exhaust fan is important to remove moist air that can cause mold and mildew, but it has to be vented to the outside in order to work properly.

Connect properly sized rigid metal duct pipe to the fan housing, and run it as directly as possible out through the roof or an outside wall.

Install a weather-tight roof or wall cap over the end of the duct to prevent rain and animals from coming in.

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When you’re improving a bathroom, it’s also a good idea to update the vent fan; but if you stop there you’re only getting part of the benefit. Many older fans are poorly vented or not ducted to the outside at all.

Connect a rigid metal duct to the new fan, and route it as directly as possible through a nearby roof or wall to remove moist air from the bathroom. This will require the addition of a weather tight vent on the outside of the house; but it will ensure a comfortable, healthy environment inside for you.

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