How a Bidet Cleans You and Protects the Environment

In the 17th century, French furniture makers invented the bidet, a common bathroom fixture in the Arab World, southern Europe and West Africa. Though North Americans have resisted the innovation, more U.S. residents have embraced it, particularly during nationwide toilet paper shortages.

Now, bidets have evolved from emergency personal hygiene alternatives to just one more feature in a luxurious bathroom. 

Man holds Fluidmaster Soft Spa remote control
Some bidets — such as Fluidmaster’s Soft Spa 9500 — come with remote controls, providing easy access to personal hygiene. 

What is a Bidet? 

A bidet’s primary purpose is personal hygiene. While most people use dry toilet paper, a bidet offers a wet alternative. 

Bidets can be freestanding, separate fixtures; toilet seat replacements with jets; or handheld attachments that spray water. 

Regardless of the type of fixture, each has the same function: to provide the best personal cleansing experience. 

Bidets also have environmental benefits, reducing the need for toilet paper and stress on forests. In fact, North Americans annually use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper, so switching from dry to wet cleaning methods could save 15 million trees, according to Scientific American.   

Fluidmaster Soft Spa box, unopened, in a bathroom
Retrofitting a toilet with a bidet seat is a space-saving alternative to installing a separate, freestanding fixture.

About Fluidmaster’s Soft Spa 

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a spa-like makeover without renovating your entire space, you might consider the Fluidmaster Soft Spa Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

It offers more luxury than a traditional bidet, without the hassle of replacing your toilet. 

The Soft Spa features adjustable water pressure, wand positioning and temperature, as well as a heated seat and warm air-dryer. It even includes a remote control and easy-to-follow instructions. 

Fluidmaster Soft Spa, still in the box, parts visible
Fluidmaster’s Soft Spa 9500 comes with everything to replace your toilet seat with one that doubles as a bidet. 

If you’re new to bidets, no problem. Soft Spa’s Gentle mode is perfect for even the most sensitive users. 

And if you’re worried about the maintenance involved, a self-cleaning wand saves you from extra work and guarantees a superior clean.

So, you can lounge in luxury, and save on elbow grease! 

“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford, pictured with the Fluidmaster Everything Kit
Fluidmaster developed the Everything Toilet Tank Repair Kitfor the most complete solution to quickly repair your toilet. 

The Importance of Maintenance

You would think that something you use every day would get regular maintenance to ensure its optimal performance.

But in the case of the toilet, most of the time, you’d be wrong. 

People take toilets for granted. But our friends at Fluidmaster want to help you transform this lowly fixture by upgrading your toilet technology.

Because you spend a lot of time there, you need the toilet to work properly. So Fluidmaster developed the Everything Toilet Tank Repair Kit for the most complete solution to quickly repair your toilet. 

Whether your toilet leaks, makes noises or constantly runs, you can solve the problem with this kit. It includes a fill valve, adjustable flush valve, tank-to-bowl gasket, adjustable flapper dial, color-coded tools and stainless steel hardware. 

The kit is designed to work with every toilet type; it comes with step-by-step instructions and installation tools. 

That way, your toilet is ready whenever you need it! 


  1. I’m so happy it’s Toilet week at Today’s Homeowner!
    I continue to learn so much from all of you.
    I appreciate your help and expertise and explanations on how to maintain my home.
    I’ve wanted a bidet for awhile now but it hasn’t reached the “squeaky wheel” status yet. 😉
    From best new product, learning tricks in the shop. DIY with Chelsea, and all the show can pack in, I’m definitely learning.
    If you’re not learning, you ain’t living.

    I believe a Fluidmaster Toilet Seat Bidet system would make a spectacular contest prize, don’t you?

    My DVR is set up and ready for the next exciting show.

    Thanks to everyone there!


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