Designing a Bathroom Renovation

A major bathroom remodel can return much of the cost in increased value to your home. It usually involves gutting the existing room and perhaps even taking in additional space. Usually some moving of existing plumbing lines and drains is necessary. Hiring a professional bathroom designer or architect to plan the remodel can result in a better layout as well as making the project go smoother.


  1. It would be nice if questions could be answered in the comments section. Maybe it wasn’t set up that’s way? Anyway, I’m interested in seeing before and after pics of kitchen and bath renovations . Preferably in a combination project . We are going to renovate our kitchen and half bath where it used to be a pantry . House is 100+years old. Some structural changes will likely be necessary because we want to add a full shower in the half bathroom . Anyway that’s my “question”.
    Also, I love all the grey and black and white these days but just to be “different,” what else is there that’s different from that? That’s all I see these days, Thanks !

    • Hi, Cathy!
      We receive hundreds of questions each week and do the best we can with answering them. We encourage the “Today’s Homeowner” community (our wonderful fans and website visitors) to contribute to the conversation and share their own experiences.
      That said, thanks so much for your feedback. We definitely plan to add more before and after photos for future episodes! 🙂
      Take care.

  2. I completely agree that bathroom remodeling can increase the value of your house, so if the renovation is being done it should be done in a smart way, and a few things should be left to the professionals for better work.


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