Bathroom Makeover: From Retro Yellow to Modern Farmhouse

We’re transforming a yellow ’70s bathroom — with its dated tub, vanity, ceramic tile floor and light fixtures — to match the rest of the home’s modern farmhouse style.

Ronnie and Cindy McCarson downsized from a 2,650-square-foot home and purchased a 1,700-square-foot home built in 1976.

Their home is in great shape and it has plenty of character, but it badly needs some updates. To that end, the couple has been remodeling its rooms to make them look less retro.

The McCarsons had their work cut out for them. They have replaced all the carpet with hardwood floors, installed new countertops, removed textured ceilings and repainted everything in the kitchen.

But their bathrooms still have ’70s colors, countertops and fixtures. They want their next remodeling project to be Cindy’s bathroom, which they refer to as simply, “Mellow Yellow.” It’s easy to see why.

Cindy’s tastes border on the popular modern farmhouse style, so we’ll keep that in mind during the makeover.

As for our game plan? We’ll tile over the existing ceramic tile floor, give the vanity a new top, sink and cabinet doors, and even raise that vanity a few inches.

We’ll also cover up the dated tub and surround with an acrylic overlay and add a new light fixture.

Projects: From ‘Mellow Yellow’ to Modern Farmhouse

  • Prep the floor
  • Install ceramic tiles
  • Cover up the tub
  • Refresh the vanity

Watch the full episode above for this modern farmhouse bathroom makeover, and share your comments below! 

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