Bathroom Design Trends and Products for Your Home

Bathroom design trends that are popular today include vaulted, wood ceilings with skylights and large porcelain floor tile.

Innovative products for your home include:

Solid oak vanities with slow close drawers and doors from Virtu.

Faucets with built-in antimicrobial protection by Moen.

Energy efficient tankless hot water heaters from Rinnai.

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Danny Lipford: Hi, I’m Danny Lipford. I’m right in the middle of a very extensive bathroom renovation, and the family that lives here are glad that we’re doing this. They were stuck in 1990, 22-year-old bathroom that had the classic green carpet and a poor allocation of the space that was there, and some of the ugliest plaid wallpaper that I’ve ever seen. Well, we’re well on our way in changing all of that.

And you know a lot of times when you’re looking to really do a bathroom on a budget, people think you have to do all the work yourself. Well, not necessarily. You can partner with a good professional contractor and do a good bit of the work yourself, such as wise buying, and here’s a great example.

These homeowners found a fantastic looking countertop, cabinet, sink, and mirror online through a company called Virtu, v-i-r-t-u. And it’s available online. They bought it, and it was delivered at their house—a little over seven days.

And they saved a lot of money over what custom cabinets would have been for the same type of look, with no compromise on quality at all. You’re talking about solid oak cabinets with the slow close hinge and drawers.

And certainly there’s a lot of different styles. This is an espresso coloring that people really are liking these days, but there’s all kinds of different styles and shapes and sizes through Virtu—great way to go.

Now, along with that they made a wise choice on their faucets from Moen. Moen has a fantastic array of faucets, but they’ve done something different that’s just being released exclusively to Home Depot.

Homeowners are also remodeling their kitchen, and they chose this faucet, that’s a great looking faucet. But what’s cool about it that you really can’t see, and that’s the technology that went into the manufacturing of this.

They partnered with Microban International that supplies the product for antimicrobial. And what it allows in the manufacturing of it, it makes it so easy to keep clean in the years and months ahead. It’s a lot easier in order to maintain that great look that Moen is known for.

Now, you know when you’re developing a bathroom like this, it’s a lot to do with the things that you can see and feel. But occasionally there’s some very important things that happen that you can’t see, and that’s what happened here with the installation of the Rinnai tankless water heater.

The homeowners here installed the unit up in the attic where it’s nice, out of the way. But the key thing there is they’re not having to schedule their showers any more with their three teenage daughters, or their dishwasher, washing machine, or anything else, because they have endless hot water now.

And they’re saving up to 40-percent on heating their water. And that’s important because they have this large soaker tub that they plan on using a lot, and it needs a lot of hot water.

And when you’re talking about other trends in the bathroom, certainly larger porcelain tiles like this—20 by 20—will eliminate as many grout joints as possible to minimize that type of cleaning.

And, also, wood ceilings are popular everywhere these days. Natural light, with good quality skylights, and the type of coloring that you see here is something that we see in a lot of bathrooms.


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