You don’t have to break the bank to give your bathroom a new look. Here are five inexpensive ways to freshen up your bathroom.

1. Deep Clean Everything

Start with a deep clean. Use a mixture of white vinegar and grease-fighting dish detergent to clean shower walls, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. Click here to watch this formula in action.

For an all-purpose — and non-toxic — surface cleaner, mix one cup of rubbing alcohol with 2/3 cup of white vinegar in a 32-ounce spray bottle. Top the rest of the bottle with water. This eco-friendly cleaner dries fast and won’t leave streaks.

Don’t forget your ventilation fan while cleaning up!

Check your bathroom’s vent fan, which is often overlooked. If the grill is covered in dust, turn off the fan, remove the grill and use the hose on your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

Then, vacuum any dust or debris on the fan and motor. If the grille is really grungy, buy an inexpensive replacement grille.

Eliminate odor-causing bacteria by pouring baking soda and white vinegar down your drains. Rinse away the resulting fizz with water.

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do!

2. Paint

A coat of fresh paint is the easiest way to upgrade your dated bathroom. And, since most bathrooms are small spaces, it’s not a huge chore. When painting in the bath, choose either eggshell or semi-gloss paint finish to help repel moisture.

Before painting, prime the area with a moisture-resistant primer. Some paints now come with primer mixed into the paint.

Here’s an easy way to spray-paint some items: hang them on cardboard!

To ensure a waterproof seal, caulk the joints between the wall and the counter or shower surround. Be sure the caulk is dry before painting

Consider repainting your cabinet hardware for a new finish. Watch this video to make a cardboard painting zone, which will protect against overspray.

A mix of task and accent lighting makes a room functional and stylish.

3. Pay Attention to the Lighting

Better lighting can improve the style – and function – of your bathroom. A new fixture easily updates your aesthetics, but make sure your lighting matches your needs.

Consider task lighting above your vanity or sink. Choose bright white bulbs for the best work light in these areas.

Here’s another tip. Use clear bulbs on fixtures with frosted shades and frosted bulbs on fixtures with clear shades for nice, clean light.

Use shelving systems to hide things in plain sight.

4. Declutter and Strategically Store Things

Since the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, keep it clutter-free.

Consider some smart storage, like floating shelves or standard shelving units, to keep things tidy.  Decorative boxes on shelves keep items hidden in plain sight.

Small changes make a big difference. Which small space can you decorate and completely transform?

5. Update and Decorate

Finally, put your interior design skills to the test.  A few small touches, like adding artwork or plants, can go a long way. 

Fresh towels and a new shower curtain can add personality; just be sure to take a sample of the new paint color with you to the store to get a good match.

Give your existing mirror a new look by adding an inexpensive frame using baseboards.  Click here to see how we did it on an episode of Today’s Homeowner.

You can buy a stylish new shower head that uses less water. Affordable and luxurious — win-win!

If you’re replacing a faucet or showerhead, consider water consumption. Low-flow showerheads reduce water use by 30 percent. 

You can even save with existing fixtures by adding a low-flow aerator to your faucet.


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