Everyone is familiar with the old cliché “less is more.” While less is not something that is traditionally thought of as desirable when designing your dream home, the continuing trend of going industrial in residential bathrooms proves that sparse and functional can actually be more modern and elegant than, well, modern and elegant.

In short, an industrial bathroom is anything that takes a functional, to-the-point design approach. The concept took hold during the Industrial Revolution, as thousands of bathrooms needed to be made to serve workers in the plants and factories that were popping up everywhere.

Architects did not have the time to to carefully design around the more “unflattering” aspects, so bathrooms of the era were designed to be as low-cost and functional as possible, with some of the defining features being exposed pipes; tough, hard-to-damage sinks; and fixtures that make no effort to hide.

Although society is no longer considered industrial, with many of these manufacturing plants long since shut down, the bathroom design concept is one that has retained firm traction throughout the years and is used in many contemporary homes. If you love the idea of incorporating the industrial look into your bathroom, the professionals at Watermark are a great resource to guide you along your journey, with their innovative industrial products and design knowhow outstanding resources as you go for the modern industrial look in your home.

Let the Shower Pipes Shine

As bathrooms of the industrial era made no efforts to hide the plumbing, neither should the pipes in your modern take on this concept.

The shower is a great place to make this statement, as most residential showers typically feature only the valve and shower head. This look will not serve the bathroom you are trying to create, so look through Watermark’s impressive selection of wall mounted exposed shower sets to capture the ambience of your design scheme.

When used in a bathroom that features glass shower walls, this exposed plumbing becomes a focal point that ties the entire bathroom together, leaving little doubt as to the theme you are rolling with.

Line Your Bathroom with Subway Tile

At the time of the industrial boom, subway tile was the cheapest material available, so every bathroom featured it on its walls and floors.

While subway tile has actually become comparatively more expensive over the years due to the popularity of industrial design trends, it is still a must for bathrooms that want to go industrial. To give the space the most authentic feel possible, be sure to set the tile with a dark grout, giving the bathroom a worn aspect that rings true with the theme.

The Bigger, the Better When it Comes to Fixtures

Whether it be the valves in your shower or the handles on the sink, small and understated is not the way to go when designing the industrial look.

Remember, you have to give the impression that your bathroom will be able to withstand heavy use from hundreds of hurried people on a daily basis, so consider large, prominent wheels and arms when installing your fixtures.

Keep it Consistant

One of the most significant mistakes people make when designing an industrial theme is to do it halfheartedly, making one part of the bathroom industrial and leaving the rest traditional modern.

In order for the industrial concept to work, the whole area needs to scream industrial. With this in mind, any vanity and/or cabinet areas need to be carefully considered to make sure they are not detracting from the atmosphere. When possible, resort to more open storage that stays consistent with the theme, so look through Watermark’s selection of towel rings, wire baskets, and robe hooks to see if there are products that can better help you accomplish this goal.

If you want to add variety, try to include split finish bathroom faucets or fixtures. You can mix up your look by adding a black bathroom faucet with multi-colored attributions.

Choose a Superior Fixture

The industrial theme in bathroom design uses a sparse and functional approach to give a modern twist on a classic concept. Some of the key features are exposed plumbing, large fixtures, and heavy-duty surfaces. Turn to the professionals at Watermark to help you perfect your industrial concept.

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