The Correct Way to Ventilate Bathrooms and Kitchens

Airflow and proper ventilation are vital to healthy indoor air, and the kitchen and bath are the best places to start.

Most homeowners’ have appliances that promote airflow, but few people use them correctly.

In the kitchen, make sure your cooktop is fitted with a high-quality range hood. Kitchens have a big impact on a home’s indoor air quality because of the grease and other carcinogens that become airborne there.

Remember to turn on your range hood every time you cook. Not only will this eliminate lingering cooking smells, but it will also push smoke out of your home.

Each of your bathrooms should have an appropriately sized bath ventilation fan. Bathrooms are a huge source of moisture in the home and too much moisture leads to mold and other problems.

So, use your bathroom fan every time you shower. No matter where a ventilation fan is located, the key to using it properly is turning it on and leaving it on.

Don’t turn it off just because your mirror isn’t foggy, or smoke isn’t coming from your range. Leave the fans on for at least 20 minutes after cooking or showering to fully remove humidity and pollutants.

To make sure these fans in your home are always effective you should clean range hood filters and bathroom vent fans monthly.

If you use your ventilation fans properly and take care of them, they’ll take care of you by keeping your home and your family healthy.

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