Bathrooms, Bricks, And Picking A Contractor

Hour 1

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

Listener Questions From The Show

Patio Refresh: Filling Sand Between Bricks
Harriet from Pennsylvania asks, “My patios and walkways are brick. The original sand is still between the bricks. What is the best and least expensive ways to fill in between the bricks? I have access to stone dust or would sand with a binding agent or regular sand be better? Regular sand was originally used.”

Tips for Installing Fiber Cement Siding
Cynthia from Texas asks, “I have a home that is mostly brick but does have some siding. It was built in 1980 and the siding was poor quality. I have been replacing it with Hardie products. The man who started the work had a stroke and cannot finish the project. Do you know a reliable company?”

Tips for Installing Fiber Cement Siding
Harold from Illinois asks, “I have two bathrooms back-to-back. Can I use one of the roof vents for both bathroom exhaust fans?”

Simple Solutions

Better Toggle Bolt
Next time you’re considering using a toggle bolt to attach something to a hollow-wall, consider using a strap toggle instead.

Wood Staining Tip
Before staining a new woodworking project or refinishing a piece of furniture, you want to make sure you can detect any defects, such as sanding swirl marks or scratches.

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