Danny’s Magic Toilet Trick & How to Touch-Up with Bondo | Ep. 5

Man in overalls squats as he installs a white porcelain toilet
Danny has a trick that makes toilet installations much easier. (©Pixel-Shot, Adobe Stock Photos)

Home improvement expert, TV show host, and… a magician? Danny isn’t pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but he does have a unique trick up his sleeve for a homeowner looking to remove a toilet. Plus, a homeowner’s septic tank system has been running strong for over 20 years. Now, it’ starting to flood. Why a new code requirement may be causing the tank to clog. And, Danny and Joe talk about the benefits of using automobile Bondo for limited touch-up projects. Also, Joe has a simple solution to save you time and energy next time you paint your ceiling.

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  1. I watch your show every Saturday morning and love it! But somehow the web page is not as easy to operate for me. I wanted to see Ep.5 and not quite sure where to locate it. But I will keep trying! Thanks for some useful information for every homeowner.

    • Hi, Geneva!
      Thanks for watching the TV show.
      You said you were looking for episode 5 — just for clarification, did you want to watch the TV show’s fifth episode of the season, or the series, or did you want to hear the fifth episode of the podcast?


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