Tips for Functional Laundry and a Better Bath

Install Beadboard on Back Wall


Decorative accents enhance small rooms, so we’re covering the laundry room’s back wall with beadboard paneling.

We discover plastic tile board that covered the drywall, so we carefully remove it and then find some mold. Spraying Wet & Forget Indoor, which fights mold and mildew stains, takes care of it!

Then, we apply construction adhesive to the beadboard panels to keep them secure between the nails we drive into the studs.

Add Storage Space


The Smiths will have more storage space than ever, with a place to hang their ironing board and a small shelf for the iron.

We also install cabinets on either side of the window and a wide shelf that goes on top of those and over the window.

Once the shelf is secure, we wrap the window and cabinet sides with more beadboard paneling.

We also:


• Painted the Walls: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray (color matched at The Home Depot with Behr)

• Installed New Flooring

Post-Production Thoughts


Brad and Mary’s laundry and bathrooms were dated to be sure, but they didn’t work well, either, because guests had to walk through the laundry room to get to the bathroom.

Now that problem is solved. We eliminated the doorway between the rooms and moved it into the kitchen.
So, access to the bathroom no longer requires a trip through laundry land.

A new vanity, new flooring and a fresh coat of paint make the bathroom much more appealing for their guests.

In the laundry room, we used the space from the old doorway to create attractive storage for household items that need to be accessible.

We also added tons of storage above the washer and dryer. The new cabinets hide all kinds of laundry supplies and support an additional shelf above the window, while they also create the opportunity for a hanging rod.

The small cabinet between the appliances offers more laundry storage and creates a great folding space in the center of the room.

Plus, the color and material choices make the room an attractive spot — all for less than $1,000 in materials.

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    • Hi, Joe! We purchased the flooring at American Flooring, Cabinets & Granite, a store here in Mobile, Alabama.
      This flooring may not be available in other markets, so we recommend checking flooring stores and home centers near you for home’s best option.

  1. This was such a great show – an enormous increase in design and functionality without spending a fortune. What a good idea to reuse door frame and wall stud when relocating the door! I bet these homeowners were jumping up and down in glee at the changes.


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