Ryan and Chloe’s Bathroom Makeover

Danze’s Antioch Single Handle Lavatory Faucet in brushed nickel complements Ryan and Chloe’s renovated bathroom.

Replacing a Faucet

Ryan and Chloe currently have a three-hole faucet but they are converting to a stylish one-hole faucet made by Danze. It’s Danze’s Antioch Single Handle Lavatory Faucet in brushed nickel.
You might be wondering how this is possible when the sink has two extra holes — it’s a simple fix.
A Danze faucet repair kit includes a plate that conceals the now-unnecessary two holes at the sides, leaving room just for the single-hole faucet. We selected the kit carefully because the number of holes a faucet has, and how far apart they are, is important if you’re reusing a countertop. Three-hole faucets can be arranged in a 4-inch or 8-inch spread, so you need to know the kind of faucet (and its spread) beforehand.
Finally, there’s a fun feature on this new faucet: It includes a touch-down drain assembly; you simply push down on the drain cover to retain water; push up to drain.

In addition to a higher vanity and flashy faucet, Chloe and Ryan will enjoy a new Avalanche Elite Toilet from Gerber and Armstrong’s waterproof, diamond-hard luxury vinyl flooring.

A concrete slab must be perfectly flat and smooth before installing flooring, so we used Custom Building Products’ SpeedFinish Patching and Finishing compound to level out the slab’s cracks or divots before we installed it.

Watch “Do It: Replace a Toilet”

Ryan and Chloe’s new bathroom floor is scratch-resistant and also stands up to spills, dirt, scuffs and stains.

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