Design Tips for Your Personal Bath Oasis

Renovated bathroom with Merillat cabinets
Merillat Masterpiece® Gallina Door Style in Cherry with a Sage Vintage FinishThis bathroom combines beauty and function with duel vanities and separate seating area for dressing and custom touches like a painted finish and vanity feet.

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While the kitchen is still the heart of the home, in today’s economy many people are choosing a bathroom renovation over a kitchen because the space is smaller and typically the cost is less. With this in mind, Merillat® cabinetry has some tips to help you envision, organize and inspire the creation of your personal bathroom oasis.

“Designing an efficient and comfortable bathroom is all about utilizing all available space in innovative ways,” says Susan Dountas, Merillat brand director. “Merillat cabinetry already does this for the kitchen, but maximizing the functional space in the bathroom is even more important because the space is smaller.”

Creating your special space takes a great deal of planning and coordination so consider the following tips:

Smarter Storage

Whether you are designing a master bath, a family bath, or a hallway powder room, chances are one of your top concerns is storage. The sheer number of towels, washcloths, shampoo bottles and other products can cause clutter and require attention when redesigning the space. The good news is with these ideas, even a small bathroom can go big on storage:

  • Use small drawers with several dividers to store the smaller bathroom items. Big, deep drawers don’t work well in bathrooms, like they do in kitchens.
  • To keep a calm and collected bath that is visually pleasing, you’ll want both open and closed storage areas. Open storage – like floating shelves and cabinets with glass doors – offers attractive displace space for luxurious towels, decorative soaps, or natural elements like fresh flowers.
  • Base cabinets with pull-out trays help eliminate wasted space and fumbling for items at the backs of cabinets. In addition, a pull-out wastebasket and pull-out laundry hamper make for easy in-out access.

Custom Luxury

Consider incorporating luxury into the design to create a customized retreat. Remember it is the little things like the following that give a room that custom feel:

  • Leave room in your budget for cabinetry accents like crown molding, corbels, or turned feet to add an element of detail to the space.
  • Color and texture play a big role is the room’s overall style. Light-colored paint can make the walls recede and the room seem larger, while darker walls create a warmer, more intimate space.
  • Think about adding elements like heated floors or a stereo system for the ultimate spa-like retreat.

Functional Space

To make for efficient mornings and relaxing evenings, consider designing space for these specific functions:

  • Dueling vanities are perfect for the master bathroom, because they provide space and storage for both all family members.
  • Consider adding outlets inside the cabinetry for an electric tooth brush, razor or curling iron. Removing these items from out in the open gives the bathroom a much less cluttered look and keeps them fully charged and ready to use.
  • By creating separate spaces within the bathroom, you can maximize the functionality like a dressing area or a room with just the toilet so other people can use the sink without invading privacy.

Start designing your own bath sanctuary with the help of Merillat cabinetry. Visit the bath section on and make your dream bath a reality.

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