7 Tips to Create a Comfortable Bathroom

A freestanding bath tub offers a stylish alternative to builder-grade built-ins.

3. Pick a Place to Bathe

You have to bathe — it’s good hygiene, and people will appreciate that you did! — but there are many options for how to do so.

It’s time to pick a place to bathe — and, obviously, you could take a shower or soak in a tub, but those are just the basics.

Your options include built-in tubs, which extend from one wall to another; freestanding or claw-foot tubs, which can slope backward and offer an air of old-world elegance; and walk-in tubs, which benefit people with limited mobility and can reduce the risk of injury.

Tubs can be made from low- to high-end materials like plastic, metal, resin, fiberglass and even stone.

Looking for the spa treatment? Choose a shower massager with enough options to put you at ease — and consider tubs with air or water jets!

4. Choose a Toilet

Numerous toilet options are available to fit your style and budget.

No bathroom is complete without a toilet, but did you know there are multiple options to fit your budget and lifestyle?

One-piece toilets offer a sculpted, seamless design, but two-piece toilets are less expensive; toilet bowls also come in round or elongated shapes and toilet seats have varying heights.

It’s important to consider these factors and match a toilet’s features with your household’s needs.

And don’t forget about water usage! Some toilets, such as dual-flush options, are built to save you money.


  1. susankayhs@gmail.com
    I need to add a door to our bathroom there is a Electric switch there but it can be moved. There Is a Linen storage in the closet but I need to add an exterior door for it as it’s very hard to access it. Do I shut off the electrical Then just cut into the wall to start the door? Help please.
    Susan Kay

    • Hi, Susan!
      First, turn off the power. Even with the power off, you don’t want to cut the wire, though, because you may need it to relocate the switch.
      Carefully cut through the drywall with a utility knife (and only with a utility knife) until you know where the wires are to avoid them.
      As always, if you consider this DIY job, please proceed with caution and at your own risk.
      Thanks for your question. 🙂

  2. I have a garden tub and need to replace /update the builder quality faucet. But there is no trap door access so how can this be done? The tub sits beside an (ugly) small shower stall with a glass front. My townhome is about 12 years old, I’m just trying to keep it up to date for enjoyment and future sale. Ideally, it would be nice to remove the entire tub and shower and REALLY update, but that’s not in my budget. Also, is a garden tub still a good selling feature?
    Love watching your show! Thank you much,

    • Hi, Denise,
      If the tub is made of “cultured marble,” it is possible that the entire front panel or “skirt” can be removed by cutting the caulk adhesive around the perimeter – otherwise you’ll have to remove the tub or go through a wall.
      Good luck!


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