Basement Laundry Room Plumbing

My laundry room is currently on the main floor of my home. We would like to move it to the basement and turn the present room into a half bath. We have a septic tank in the backyard, and all of the drain pipes are located at the top of the basement wall. How should we do this? -Casey

Hi Casey,

You would need to install what is known as a grinder pump or lift station to pump the drain water from the washer up to the level of your drain pipe so it can be fed into your septic tank. A plumber would be familiar with this type of system.



  1. Mr Lipford,

    As always, I enjoy your take on the tips and projects I’ve seen you do.

    From one Lipford to another, thank you from all of us here in WV!

  2. We have put our washer in the basement. We now need to connect it to our septic line overhead. Would it be alright to put the washer drain hose into a 55 gal. barrel and put a sump pump in the barrel to pump the gray water into the septic line?


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