Backyard Putting Green

I’m always fascinated to see lawns and gardens that break out of the conventional patterns, especially when difficult areas are transformed into something beautiful and useful.

This homeowner has found a creative solution to a hard-to-manage area of his lawn: a putting green! Complete with chipping tee, flag, and sand trap, this project turns an otherwise difficult area of the lawn into a playground irresistible to golfers and guests alike.

Building a backyard putting green is an intensive DIY project, but it can be done with enough research and the right tools. The most important factors are location, topography, water drainage, tree roots, and underground utilities, along with the many choices of materials and accessories.

The process is not unlike building a patio – you’ll have to remove sod, adjust the slope, compact a sub material, install the putting green turf, and finish the edges and seams.

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