August Lawn & Garden To-Do List

Flowers blooming

Make a Plan

  • Place orders for spring bulbs. If you live in a warm climate, put them in the refrigerator to chill.
  • Place orders for shrubs and trees to plant in the fall.
  • Apply compost starter to new compost to speed up decomposition for fall use.
  • Take pictures, or make notes, of plants you like while they’re blooming and full of leaves.
  • Take note of the growth habits of shrubs for future pruning – they should be at their fullest about now.

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  1. Your tips are a home run, not a pun because it is baseball season. August can be a long hot month and it is difficult to work in the heat or plan for next spring. But you can’t slack if you are a garden nut like me.

  2. I’m in Texas and usualy that is not a bad deal but this year we have had no Rain. Everything is dead. Even the weeds are dying. The thought of a flower garden is wonderful but the Pain of keeping it alive is a very hard thing to imagine. Have you got some Ideas for the poor Texans. Sincerely, Mary Parker

  3. I have a large yard with a good deal of perennials. My problem is most of my plants this year and some of last year are dying from the ground up. The flowers on the top survive on my mums, but my phlox look awful and I keep getting the powdery substance on them. The phlox are near my deck, but the other ones are near my fence. Usually my yard looks great, this year has been a struggle. I even had trouble with my hangers. I found green and red worms eating them and I used sevin to try to rid them, but it did not work.
    Any ideas for Massachusettss bugs?

  4. I have good solid wood windows, want to put storm windows on the outside of them. I need to reglaze and paint them before installing. Do you think this is a good idea or should I replace the windows instead? I am almost sure the storm windows will have to be ordered, in 1957 when they were installed they were standard windows for the time and area. If I have measured right they will be 36″ X 56″ on the outside. Thank you for any advice given!

  5. My problem is that I have these holly sapling growing within my lawn from the roots of my neighbor former holly. I pull up roots that they are growing from but more keep growing. Yes I have hedges of a different style that are space and I would like to put root killer to kill the holly but is afraid that it might spread to my hedges. How can I get rid of this holly that is spreading into my lawn and garden area without destroying my future planting space. Need Help.

    • Hi, Linda,
      Congratulations on the move! The list should apply nationwide unless otherwise noted.
      For instance, you’ll see notes such as “In zone 8,” and that tip would apply to a certain area. We do recommend checking each month’s full article (in addition to the checklist) for in-depth gardening information, which can include geographic limitations.


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