Installing Versa Lift Attic Storage Lift

Remote controlled Versa Lift attic storage lift on garage floor.
Remote controlled Versa Lift attic storage lift.

The Versa Lift attic storage lift allows you to store items in your attic safely and easily with the push of a remote control, and bring them back down again when needed.

The Versa Lift is available in two sizes:

    • Versa Lift Model 24: Can lift up to 200 pounds with a 20¾” by 44” platform which holds 15 cubic feet.
  • Versa Lift Model 32: Can lift up to 250 pounds with a 28¾” by 56” platform which holds 35 cubic feet.

To make climbing attic stairs safer, install a Versa-Rail safety railing around your attic stairs.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: My friend Paul Little has arrived to install a motorized lift called the Versa Lift that will help move some of the garage clutter up into the ample attic space for storage.

Paul, the joists are running back this way.

Paul Little: Oh, that’s perfect.

Danny Lipford: So from the information that you sent me, I guess the Versa Lift will go right in like this?

Paul Little: Yeah, we try to run it in between the—or long ways with the rafters—so that we only have to cut out one, which really cuts down on structural issues.

Danny Lipford: Oh, sure. Yeah, that makes it real easy. Well, I guess we’ll get up in the attic and take a look. Have you installed a few of these before?

Paul Little: About 700 of them.

Danny Lipford: Well, Paul, like you saw from the pictures, it’s all completely decked right in here, so…

Paul Little: Yeah, that’s great.

Danny Lipford: I guess you just kind of want to cut in the center, huh?

Paul Little: Yeah, we want to put it in a spot where they can use it from both sides.

Danny Lipford: Right. Yeah.

Paul Little: That’s the ideal spot. There’s nothing in the way. They’re not running into braces like this or worried about falling through the attic ladder.

Danny Lipford: Meanwhile, Paul has made some progress.

Man, Paul, looks like you already got this thing pretty much assembled, huh?

Paul Little: Almost done. That’s the last bolt right there. We’re ready to go.

Danny Lipford: Man, that’s pretty cool, that’s not too bad at all. So what’s next?

Paul Little: We’re ready to cut the hole.

Danny Lipford: Oh, really? All right.

Paul Little: Soon as that’s done, we can get the lift installed.

Danny Lipford: So you said that just being—having to remove and block out just one of the ceiling joists, and so we hit it lucky that this spacing is just right.

Paul Little: It’s perfect, yes. On this particular model, we want it to be 22 and a half on the insides, and from a little preliminary measurement, we are exactly 22 and a half.

Danny Lipford: Yeah, that’s some good luck.

Paul Little: Yeah, that’s great luck.

Danny Lipford: So you’re going to try to center it in this space, or what are you going to try to do?

Paul Little: I think what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to push it to one side so that the customer has plenty of room to walk around the end. They’ll be able to store on that side and/or pull off of each side, and they’ll still have plenty of room over here.

Danny Lipford: Perfect.

After marking the dimensions of the opening, we cut out the outline and remove the plywood decking, followed by the joist in the middle of the space. Then we add a piece of two by 12 on each end of the opening so we can support the ends of the joist that was cut.

Finally, Paul cuts out the drywall separating us from the garage below, and the lift is ready for installation.

All right, so we just put it right in place, huh?

Paul Little: Yep, right over the hold.

Danny Lipford: And you have some lag bolts to hold it down?

Paul Little: Right over the hole, eight lag bolts, and it’s ready to drop the wire. You already have your electrical outlet in place, so, heck, we’re getting close on this thing.

Paul Little: Not too far.

Danny Lipford: Now, you know, it makes so much sense, if you think about it. How you’re able to take things from here, put it on the lift, and have it go right down into the garage. Or, of course, bring things right back up. That’s a lot safer than trying to lug big boxes up and down a set of stairs.

Back in the attic once the frame is secure, we drop the cables down into the garage, where we complete the assembly of the basket and attach the cables that will fit it.

Paul, I love this thing. Let me give it a try there and see if this thing will work for me. No, here’s who should give it a try. OK, here’s your remote control.

August McWhirter: OK.

Danny Lipford: Push the button. Let’s see what happens. I just love that. You’ll be able to put all kinds of things on there, bring them up and down. We also put a railing around the staircase there to keep it safe when you’re going up and down.

August McWhirter: OK.

And you can put just about anything on here except little boys. No little boys or girls can ride on this, OK? All right.

And finally, we’re getting some of the clutter up to the attic with the help of the Versa Lift. And August’s little girl, Kippen, has taken over from Chelsea as the operator.

OK, Kippen.

It’s amazing how easy it is to get bulky, even heavy, items up to the attic with this thing. And once they’re there, it’s simple to take them off the lift and stack them away on the new shelves.


  1. Need a rice for the smaller unit as I have trusses 22.5 ” on center.
    Looks easy to install. do you sell just the kit so I can install myself?

    • Hi, Greg!
      Our site features expert home improvement advice from the nationally syndicated TV show “Today’s Homeowner.”
      We don’t sell construction products, but we encourage checking your local home center for these materials.
      Good luck!

  2. I am interested in this for Fathers Day. My place if installation is a bit unique. My attic is on the second floor and is a walk in. I want the lift installed from the ceiling in the breezeway of the house which opens directly into the attic. So there is no opening. I will need it installed as my husband can’t do it. This will do just what we need to get stuff from the attic, like Christmas, without going up and down stairs. Please advise.

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed this content! Please share it with friends — that’s how we’re able to create similar content.


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