Attic Shelving

Attics are all about storage, but rarely is the storage organized. Here’s a simple solution to take advantage of the open framing found in most attics. Create shelves for attic storage by building an “L” shaped support from 1x4s. One end of the “L” runs vertically attaching to the side of the roof rafter. The other end, running horizontally, attaches to the same rafter further down.

The length of the legs of the “L” will depend on the slope or pitch of your roof. These rafters are on 24″ centers, so we put a bracket on each one over the eight-foot span we covered. This arrangement allows for shelving, without supports cluttering the attic floor.


  1. i need some help building shelves in the garage. i have plenty of wall space.(block wall space) i would like to use all wood.

  2. There are two products you may be interested in. One is our Versa Lift attic storage lift. It can be adapted to fit between trusses on 24″ centers with our “truss leg kit.” for more info go to and view the videos. The other product is called Infinite Attic, a system for easily decking a truss attic floor. I think the website is Good luck!

  3. Excellent. I was thinking about something like this, but seeing it helped alot. Especially pre-fabing the L shapes in the shop.

  4. A new product is the AtticMaxx™ Shelving System, designed for mounting between attic trusses. The system includes 22” x 22” solid wood shelves with adjustable straps and a swiveling metal bracket, offering flexibility to accommodate varying angles of trusses depending upon the pitch of the roof. The shelves install in minutes with a screwdriver, level and four screws, and hold up to 50 pounds each.


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