ASK DANNY: What to do with leaking faucet hose bibbs

leaking hose bib

“Tightened the packing nut about a whole turn or more; [the outdoor faucet hose bibb] still leaks, but not as badly. Still have space between [the] packing nut and next piece of spigot. Should I keep tightening it until it is snug? Thanks.”
Robert N. Lewis


I would suggest tightening it a little more and that probably will solve the problem.
However, sometimes, a hose bibb that has been tightened by hand a lot has affected the sealing ability of the “seat.” The best thing to do in that case is simply replace the hose bibb itself.
This will require you to turn the water off to your home in order to make this replacement.

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  1. Danny, I have outside faucets that are 38+ years old. No matter what I’ve done they still leak. The inner part to the faucet with the threads, I have no idea what it’s real name is, is stripped! I haven’t been able to find a replacement part anywhere! 🙁 My faucets are mortared into my brick. When my home was built around 1980 copper pipes were used. Where can I possibly find a replacement part or am I better off to hire a pro to rip out part of the brick and replace the faucets. I know this will be an expensive fix and Social Security doesn’t stretch far enough for expensive repairs. Do you have any suggestion where I could possible find a repair part for my decades old faucets?


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