Are You as Tired of Watching the News as I Am?

I’ve always enjoyed watching the news and reading newspapers. I like to keep abreast of things that are happening across the country and down the block. It always provides good conversation material and can keep you aware of trends that taking place.

Dollars bills shaped like house.BUT I think I’ve heard enough about the gloom and doom of the economy. I have always been an optimist and still am, but the day in day out bad news is making me want to cancel the paper and turn my TV to the Comedy Channel.

No matter how bad things might get, people will always want to improve their homes. There are so many small things that you can do, with a small budget, that will change your home and lift your spirits. Painting always helps. Refinish your front door. Change the hardware on your cabinets. Clean your windows. Install a ceiling medallion. Install new house numbers.

Think about how good it feels to complete a project that improves the things you see each day. Think of the gratification that comes along with that simple task. Think of the time you will have to do these projects if you are not reading and watching gloomy news.

Darn, I feel better already.


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