April Home Maintenance To-Do List

Shrubs next to house siding.

To-Do #5: Cut Trees and Shrubs Away From House

To reduce damage to your home’s exterior, prune shrubs or trees away from your house.

Overgrown shrubs can rub and damage your siding, windows, and roof; while vegetation near or against your home leads to moisture damage and rot.

In addition, rodents and insects can use overhanging branches as a highway right into your house!

So get out your pruning shears and saws and do a little trimming.

Here’s what to do:

  • Trees: Prune tree limbs back 6′ to 8′ away from your home’s roof and chimney. Fallen limbs can cause a great deal of damage to roofs, and overhanging branches allow animal access and can be a fire hazard near your chimney.
  • Shrubs: Shrubs should be pruned back at least 18” away from the side of your home.
  • New Plantings: When planting new trees and shrubs, locate them far enough away from your house so they can grow to their natural width without the need for excessive trimming. For most small shrubs, 3′ to 4′ away is usually enough distance.


  1. I just want to say thanks for all the tips you people provide to us not so handy people I’m 73 and retired it’s hard sometimes but with your help I can usually get it done not as quick as all of you but sooner or later thanks people Frank Black Berryton KANSAS

  2. Thanks Danny for the reminder lists each month Of what needs done in and around my home. I am divorced after 18 yrs of marriage & now the sole caretaker so I forget sometimes. I love your show & website AND this newsletter.

  3. would like to paint my steel front door black. But saw somewhere NOT to do that. They get too hot and actually warp. Thoughts?

  4. Good tangible info. Thanks.
    And not too many emails flooding us … just enough for staying on top/checklisting our Projects.


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