Applying Brick Pavers to a Concrete Slab Patio in a Cold Climate

Can I attach brick pavers to a concrete patio slab using mortar in a cold climate like Michigan, or will winter freezes and thaws cause problems with the pavers or joints cracking and coming loose? -William

Hi William,

As long as you lay the pavers on the concrete slab during warm weather well prior to the arrival of winter, the pavers should be able to withstand your cold Michigan winters without cracking or coming loose.

To attach brick pavers to a concrete slab:

  1. Clean Slab: Clean the slab thoroughly using a pressure washer or garden hose and scrub brush to remove any dirt or contaminants.
  2. Lay Paver Border: Lay the outer row of pavers around the edge of the slab in a bed of mortar using a taut string to make sure the pavers are straight and level.
  3. Lay Pavers: Lay the inner rows of pavers in a bed of mortar, using a string to keep the pavers straight and even.
  4. Fill Joints: After the mortar has set, use a grout bag to fill the joints between the pavers with mortar.
  5. Smooth Joints: Smooth the mortar joints with a trowel, then use a stiff brush to remove any excess mortar from the pavers.

Good luck with your project,


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