Another Snow Day in Atlanta!

I can’t believe it! We received another reminder from Ol’ Man Winter than he’s still in mood for cold weather!

Yesterday, March 1st, we had a wonderful, and usually a typical, day with warmer temperatures inching towards 60 degrees. Hannah, my daughter, was thrilled since she just made the golf team and was itching to get out on the driving range. I was equally excited to finally get on the back porch and start some much needed cleaning. Ahhhh, maybe the coldest winter we’ve had in twenty years was finally coming to an end…not!

This morning, March 2nd, I awoke to clicking noises at my window. At first, in my sleepy haze, I thought Hannah was in the kitchen popping popcorn . . . then I realized it was in the middle of the night. Alert now, I got up and looked outside. From the streetlamp light I could see chunks of rain, no wait a minute, that’s sleet! Oh no! It’s back! Crawling back into bed, I buried my head under the covers shivering at the thought of another freezing day ahead.

That must have been around 4 am when I heard the ice chipping away at my windowpane. By 8 am we were underway in a snow shower that lasted until 7 pm tonight.

I love snow, especially if I can ski it. I love Christmas cards with beautiful scenes of Victorian folks ice-skating on outdoor ponds surrounded by banks of snow. I get it. It’s lovely. But I have to go on record now and I will sing this from the highest rooftop I can climb…Jodi Marks is ready for spring! ☺


  1. We’ve had 11″ here in Lincoln, MO and ice and sleet and it is still here. The temps stay at 20 in morns and the high today is 35. I have Spring flowers under all this snow.
    There were even a day or two without mail. My husband shoveled us out and the driveway about 4′ wide is all clear. We stocked up on food before the storm hit and I was so happy of that. Yeh it is a good time to snooze since you can’t really do any yard work outside.


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