All in a Day’s Work

Another great week of shooting with Danny and the guys down in Mobile! It was so much fun hanging out Monday all day at The Home Depot shooting more Best New Products segments. There are so many new items, many of which are designed not only to make life easier, but also to be gentler on the environment. Art, Greg, and Terry of The Home Depot were great and made us feel so at home.

On location: Scott, Jasen, me, and Allen

Allen and I had a blast on Tuesday shooting our segment installing a closet organizer in the project house they are finishing up…we laughed and laughed. I don’t think Scott, our director, thought we’d ever get serious and get the system installed. But Allen drilled and I hammered until the organizer was finally in place. Turned out great and a perfect beginner DIY project.

On Wednesday Danny joined us, along with Joe Truini, in the studio for a photo shoot. Danny, Allen, Joe and I laughed and try to make each other crack up right before the photographer, Alec, and his assistant, Valerie, could take the shot…I hope they didn’t get too frustrated with our playful antics! Photos at the new project house were just as fun with Joe “hanging” from a ledge and Allen trying to throw me out of the wheelbarrow. Wonder where Danny was while we acting up? Well, the mice get to play when the cat’s away!!

On a sad note, Jasen, our wonderful camera operator who has been with Danny for two years now, decided to make a break from the television world…so his last week of shooting was with us this week. Everyone is going to miss him terribly…I guess Allen and I will be the only ones now coming up with songs to sing in between takes! Farewell, Jasen…it was great working with you!

Looking forward to my next visit down with more stories to tell of what REALLY goes on when the camera isn’t rolling! 🙂


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