Affordable Wireless Lighting

Wireless lighting systems for your home used to be considered a luxury item that could set you back thousands of dollars, but the JetStream Lighting Control System from CentraLite contains everything you need to control up to five rooms in your house for under $700.

Recessed light fixtures in ceiling.

Individual wall switches communicate with each other using radio frequency signals without the need for a central controller, making the system easy to install in existing home.

The JetStream Starter Kit comes with five dimmable wall switches and a battery powered remote control which can be used to turn lights on and off from your house or car. Four preprogrammed lighting scenes are included, but up to 100 custom scenes can be programmed using a computer and optional USB interface device. Additional switches and accessories—like an automated timer, tabletop keypad and controllers for lamps—are available as well.

Installation requires a neutral wire at wall switches, which may not be present in some older homes. The JetStream carries a five-year limited warrenty and can be expanded to control thermostats as well as security and entertainment equipment.