Addition Rescue

“Today’s Homeowner” hosts Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf (far left and right), with Lisa Murrill and her daughter, Rachel.

Lisa Murrill bought her home almost two years ago and she loves it. But she has discovered some issues with the back-den addition built by the previous owner.

Besides covering these bricks and removing the windows and hot tub, we’ll add a super-efficient ductless air conditioner and upgrade the moldings in the addition to match the rest of the house.

This hot tub has to go!

Before we start work, our electrician, Wayne, disconnects the hot tub and relocates the wiring outside for the new air conditioner. Lisa begins clearing out the small items so that when we return we can start removing the furniture.

This is a big job, so Lisa recruited her daughter Rachel to help and we’ve brought along our handyman, Bear, and his helper Ryan.

We’re making the addition on the back of Lisa’s house look and function more like a natural part of the house. We’ve removed the brick ledge and the window over the kitchen sink, so we can free up that end of the addition for our HVAC contractor Randy, who will begin installation of the ductless mini split system that will serve this area.

Once Randy’s technicians open up the wall, they run the drain and refrigerant lines before connecting them to the outside unit.

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