A Beginner’s Guide to DIY Solar Energy Installation

Permits, Credits, and Other Details

Installing a solar panel system can be exciting, but research local laws first. A permit may be required.

Each state has different solar regulations, and it’s up to the home DIYer to research the legal requirements for larger installs.

Many smaller, kit-based installations don’t require oversight approval. Additionally, each state has its own policy
for credits and other incentives for solar and renewable energy.

Solar panel installation requires some legal legwork and a solid understanding of electrical systems, and the savings over a professional installation may be somewhat marginal relative to the cost of the whole installation. But if you’re looking to establish an off-the-grid power setup, it’s a rewarding project that produces clean energy.

With technology improving at a rapid pace, DIY solar projects are likely to get even easier, safer, and more affordable in the years to come.


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