9 Ways to Clean Your Home on A Budget

Vinegar can be a workhorse in your cleaning arsenal.

Use Vinegar for Different Jobs

Regardless of the chore, vinegar can be very helpful with your general cleaning. It’s natural, safe and inexpensive. Just make sure you have a spray bottle to put it in!

While some people might worry about the smell of vinegar, it’s important to keep in mind that the scent won’t last long once you’re finished.

You can even mix the vinegar with water to make it last longer, and it will still work perfectly for the majority of your cleaning needs.

Remember: You don’t need a specific product for most cleaning jobs. There are numerous natural cleaning solutions to tackle multiple jobs.

And name brands are often just that: names. They create extra cost where it isn’t really needed, as most of the time the generic brands are capable of the same tasks.

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