Win Danny and His Crew Contest Winner 2015

Today's Homeowner crew and contest winners in kitchen by island and new range hood.
The Today’s Homeowner crew with contest winners Anissa and Jerry Arnold.

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As the winners of our 2015 “Win Danny & His Crew” Contest, we’re helping homeowners Anissa and Jerry Arnold of Hahnville, Louisiana, tackle their to-do list, from downspout and shutter repairs to cabinet touch-ups and installing a new kitchen range hood.

Like most homeowners, Anissa and Jerry had a sizeable to-do list for their home; and, because of our contest, we were able to tackle many of their projects for them in just a few days.

Gutter on brick house with missing downspout elbows.
Gutter with missing downspout elbows was in need of repair.

To-Do List Projects Included:

    • Gutter Downspout Repair: We reattached the damaged downspout using sheet metal screws and Titebond Ultimate MP Sealant.
    • Fix Front Door Lock: After the bent locking mechanism had been straightened and lubricated, the lockset worked perfectly.
    • Attach Loose Shutters: We removed the broken plastic shutter pins and attached the shutters to the house using long screws.
    • Repair Microwave Trim: We shaved 1/8″ off the trim around the microwave so it would fit properly.
  • Replace GFCI Outlets: We replaced the existing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in the kitchen with new Leviton SmartlockPro Self-Test GFCI outlets (model # S7599-W). Find out how to replace a wall outlet.
Danny Lipford installing Leviton self-testing GFCI electrical outlet in kitchen.
Danny Lipford installing Leviton self-testing GFCI electrical outlet in kitchen.
    • Fix Leaking Kitchen Sink Strainer: To repair the leaking garbage disposal sink strainer in the kitchen, we installed a rubber gasket below the sink and applied plumber’s putty around the drain inside the sink. Find out how to replace a sink strainer
    • Repair Bath Vanity Finish: To fix the damaged melamine coating on the bathroom vanity, we sanded down the cabinet frame, and sprayed it with a bonding primer followed by two coats of semi-gloss spray paint.
    • Fix Bath Fan: To lower the humidity in the bathroom, we installed a Humidity Sensor and Fan Control Switch (IPHS5-1LW) from Leviton, which automatically turns the fan on when the humidity is too high and off when the moist air has been removed. We also cleaned and painted the yellowed bath fan cover to improve the look of the fan.
New Broan kitchen range hood.
Broan kitchen range hood.
    • Install Range Hood: We added a new, stainless steel Broan Elite range hood (model E5490SS) over the kitchen island cooktop. The fan is rated at 480 CFM and has a Heat Sentry feature that adjusts the blower speed to high automatically when excess heat is detected. To cover the hole left by the recessed light fixture, we made a ceiling medallion from 1/4″ plywood trimmed with panel molding. Find out how to install a range hood.

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  1. Any chance of coming to Fort Payne Alabama and helping me remodel and tape the remodel for your show? It has been on the market for two years. Sky lights need replacing, wooden floors sanded and stained, several things that I cannot do alone…


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