8 Mistakes People Make When Renovating a Bathroom

How To Glaze Cabinets for Inexpensive Update

3. Forgetting About Basic Functionality

You may spot a beautiful set of cabinets listed for a great price, but you must measure every millimeter of space in the bathroom to make sure you have enough room to include the things you want.

Without the space, you may find you have cabinet doors that will never open, bathroom doors that swing the wrong way and make it impossible to get in or out of the room, or fixtures that just won’t fit in the room.

Could you imagine purchasing a beautiful clawfoot bathtub only to discover that it is far too wide to fit in the space you have available?

It is very easy to get carried away by designer products only to be let down when you find they just won’t function inside the space you have.

4. Not Using P-Traps

If you have a sink, you should use a P-Trap. On many older homes, the plumbing had one exit with no trap to prevent sewer gas from leaking into the home. This meant that families would often endure horrible smells drifting into the house as well as dangerous fumes.

The P-Trap creates a barrier between the living area of a home and the sewer gases. It also makes it much easier to unclog drains because older cleanout drains are not always easy to access but a P-Trap can easily be popped off from under a sink and cleaned out before being replaced.

5. Relocating Bathroom Fixtures

According to AnytimePlumbing.net, many homeowners make the mistake of trying to relocate their bathroom fixtures during a remodel.

Yes, the overall goal of a remodel is to have a new room design to feel great about when it is finished, but unless there is a major necessity for moving your bathtub across the room to where the sink is now or moving the toilet to a space where there is not a plumbing line already installed, you are just going to increase your cost.
For most people, keeping cost down while renovating is a big goal.

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