8 Kitchen Items You Need for Faster Meal Prep

Going organic? You’ll need to peel, slice and core your own pineapples, and that’s no easy (or fast) feat without the right tool.

5. Simple Living Stainless Steel Pineapple Peel ‘n’ Core Cutter

Just like stripping corn, peeling pineapples is no picnic. Luckily, the Simple Living Stainless Steel Pineapple Peel ‘n’ Core Cutter is here to help.

Here we have a tool that peels, slices and cores a pineapple faster than you can imagine. Along with the perfect spiral of juicy pineapple, you’ll be left with the empty pineapple for a funky punch bowl or to serve up a cocktail.

With a stylish and polished finish, a detachable handle, and sharp serrated blades, coring and slicing your next pineapple will be a blast.

Plus, you won’t spend hours washing up the sticky mess and you can rinse off the stainless-steel blades in a minute.

Nobody wants to wait for ice cream to melt — and they no longer have to with a heated ice cream scoop!

6. Heat-Conducting Scoop

This heat-conducting scoop should live right beside your heat-conducting knife in the top drawer.
No one wants to sit and wait for the ice cream to melt, so use this spoon to seamlessly scoop the perfect portion.

Just like the heat-conducting knife, this tool is powered by your body heat and passed to the handle, so it will last forever.

You’ll never use a regular old spoon again after trying this trusty tool. The handle is filled with an environmentally safe and fully biodegradable liquid that interacts with the handle and your hands’ heat, to let you glide gracefully through your Rocky Road.

Don’t stare at your frozen treat longingly; dive in with this sundae-friendly scoop.

Make crispy sandwiches like a pro with a sandwich maker.

7. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Rather than spending a couple bucks for your egg and cheese biscuit every morning, give yourself five minutes to make breakfast yourself.
You can leave the energy bar at home and opt for a quick breakfast sandwich instead.

The Breakfast Sandwich Maker by Hamilton Beach couldn’t be easier to use. Grab your choice of bread and fixings, layer them on the press, wait for the sizzling sound of bacon and voila, you have breakfast fit for a king.

With a nonstick surface, all you need to do is give it a quick wipe and you’re out the door.

Do you wait to cook your bacon after your eggs and sausage? Well, wait no more! A divided skillet lets you do everything at once!

8. 15-Inch Non-Stick Divided Meal Skillet

Can you imagine only having one dish to clean at the end of the night?
That dream can become a reality with a non-stick divided meal skillet. You can toss together up to five dishes all at once with this master pan. It gives one-pot recipes a whole new meaning!

You can prepare anything, from fajitas to salmon, in this versatile pan. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, your stomach will be full and your sink will be empty. Save yourself the hassle and pick up this pan right away!

There’s a thin line between clutter and efficiency. Be careful not to constantly toss the trendiest kitchen gadgets in your shopping cart at the last minute, but stay open to trying new things.

Investing in your kitchen will make your body, wallet and mind happier.


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