6 Tips to Build Your Ultimate Home Theater

The components you add for your home theater depends on the room’s size.

4. Consider the Room’s Size

For the ultimate home theater, a projector is always the best option. Use a short-throw projector — with 0 to 4 feet between it and the screen — for a smaller room. Use a large-throw projector — with 7 feet or more between the project and screen — for large room.

Also, at the very least, your ultimate home theater must have a Blu-ray player, cable/satellite feed, game console, a screen, and home theater PC.

Remember that the larger the screen, the better, but it shouldn’t be larger than the available wall space. And if you can afford it, you might as well opt for 3D. Don’t forget you also need controls for all your components. A universal remote — which controls multiple devices — will help make sure you don’t have to juggle several remotes just to enjoy a movie.

C by GE smart switch
The C by GE smart switch can control any vintage light bulb with smart technology.

5. Find the Perfect Lighting

Light control gives you the power to dim the lights as needed, or simply turn them on and off. Lighting is key to having an immersive home theater experience, so keep out natural light, or light from other rooms, and paint the room in the darkest color possible.

comfortable chairs
Leather seating is timeless and fits in with both modern and vintage decor.

6. Choose Seating Arrangements

Make sure the seats are not installed too close or too far from the screen. If you can afford it, splurge on theater-style seats, but the truth is, any forward-facing seat that is comfortable — particularly recliners — will serve just fine.

Follow these tips and you may never have to step foot in another movie theater!

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