6 Tips to Build Your Ultimate Home Theater

Home cinema system with vintage furniture

There are a number of ways you can maximize your home for comfort, style and entertainment. Installing a home theater is definitely somewhere up on the top of that list, but if you have home theatre design on your mind, you probably aren’t sure where or how to start.

If you plan to build a home theater, it’s important to go about it the right way to gain the best results. But don’t fret because Wavetrain shares these tips to get you started:

1. Have a Vision and a Budget

Even with a limited budget, you can save, little by little, to pay for your ultimate home theater experience.

Picture how you’d like your home theater to look and function — then build a budget based on that. Be realistic with your vision and budget because it has to be feasible. But don’t be stingy either, especially if you want a truly enjoyable and immersive audio and video experience.

2. Find the Perfect Spot

Designing the home theater of your dreams is like piecing a puzzle together — you need all the right elements for the perfect result. (DepositPhotos)

Identify the perfect room in your house to set up your home theater. The basement is a good idea because there’s less risk of natural light slipping in and it provides some sound insulation. If your basement is out of the question, find a spare room with the least amount of windows and enough space for your screen, seats and everything else.

The room should be dedicated just to the home theater, and noises from other rooms should not interfere with your cinematic experience. This means your living room will not be a good idea as it’s a central portion of the house that anyone can trample through at any time. Also, living room windows will make it difficult to effectively control lighting and sound.

3. Make Sound a Priority

sound system
Sound is a major part of a home theater system — this setup may work for a small room, but large spaces require more advanced equipment.

Sound lies at the very heart of every ultimate home theater. You might as well stick with the TV in the living room if you are not going to prioritize sound for your home theater setup.
The room for your home theater should have solid acoustics. Wall-to-wall carpeting and draperies on the walls will help minimize the bouncing of sound.

The style of speakers you choose must be a good fit for the room you are setting up. If the room is big and the speakers are too small, you end up with poor audio. For a large room, consider on-wall or in-wall speakers; choose more affordable satellite speakers for a small room.

Once acoustics is settled, the next thing you have to figure out is what sound system to install. Nowadays, you can get high-end audio systems at a fair price. Just don’t try to be cheap because that means you’ll get cheap sound. Check out online reviews for affordable sound systems that don’t compromise on quality.


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