6 Affordable Flooring Options to Upgrade a Room

Checkerboard flooring that's actually wallpaper underneath polyurethane

4. Wallpaper Flooring

That’s right; you can use wallpaper on your floor! The number of design options is limited only by the type of wallpaper available.

Start by picking out the wallpaper design you want on your floor. Next, measure the space you need to cover the area and order enough wallpaper plus 10-15% more to allow for waste.

Sweep your subfloor, mop it and let it dry thoroughly before applying polyurethane (three coats) to the floor. Follow the poly’s instructions for exact drying times.

Next, lay the wallpaper according to the product’s instructions and apply three coats of polyurethane on the floor. (Again, following the poly’s instructions for drying times.)

Painting plank flooring with a roller

5. Painted Vinyl Flooring

Paint is another great way to give your old floor a makeover — and, believe it or not, you can paint vinyl floors!

First, sand the floors (preferably with a circular sander) to remove the flooring’s factory finish. Then caulk any gaps or cracks.

Next, apply two coats of primer and let each coat dry overnight. Then apply two coats of designer paint made for outdoor use or flooring. You can use a roller for the large areas and switch to a paintbrush for edges.

Let the paint dry completely before walking on it. Paint that’s even a little tacky will rub off and completely destroy your paint job.

Chelsea LIpford Wolf sits on her wood plank flooring at home.

6. Wood Plank Floors

This is a great alternative if you’ve recently remodeled another part of your house. If you have any leftover wood, especially medium-density fiberboard, you can upcycle it!

Just clean the subfloor and glue the MDF to the floor using flooring adhesive. Sand the wood down with 120-grit sandpaper to expose the grain and then stain it.

Finish it off with a coat of glossy sealant. Weather-resistant varnish works best.

Now that you have 6 inexpensive flooring ideas, it’s time to start shopping!

Begin by jumping online and comparing prices for the materials you need. Don’t forget to check classified ads, as they’re a great source of free or inexpensive materials.

Do you have affordable flooring ideas we didn’t mention? Share them in the comments!


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