5 Tips for Styling Your Home with Luxe Home Decor


3. Think Antique

Incorporating one or two antique elements in your home décor can add visual interest to your room. The best part about antique home décor accessories is that they do not interfere with modern aesthetics and make the room look royal and timeless.

For instance, antique furniture like a vintage upholstered couch or armchair placed next to a fireplace can render a luxurious and inviting appeal to the room.

Similarly, add molding on the walls and ceilings to add character to the room. Opt for elements like intricate crown molding and ceiling medallions, large gilded mirrors, and porcelain vases to lend a royal appeal to your residence.


4. Get a Statement Light Fixture

The right light fixtures can instantly transform your interior décor, highlighting focal elements of the house like the extravagant furnishings and flooring.

Get rid of ordinary fluorescent tubes. Instead, invest in warm incandescent lights that feel natural and make the place feel welcome.

Investing in a statement-making chandelier can add drama and opulence to your living space. Chandeliers not only provide depth and accent lighting, but also make a sculptural centerpiece for the room.

Further, using a frosted or soft-white bulb will help eliminate the hot spots created by harps and clips on the chandeliers.

5. ‘M’ for Metallics

No luxurious décor is complete without gold, demure bronze or lavish silver. If you want to add a touch of extravagance to your home interior, embrace metallic décor elements.

For instance, choosing lighting fixtures and wall hangings with a metallic touch can add a subtle hint of glamor to your living room.

Similarly, an elegant metallic doorknob or handle can create a luxurious feel for little expense. Splurging on such fine details can add a pop of freshness and render a luxe touch to any living space.

Don’t go overboard with metallic home décor accessories. One or two statement pieces paired with solid hues can help you achieve a luxurious and soothing look.

Transforming your home into a high-end retreat may seem like a challenging endeavor. However, with an eye for detail and following the simple tips shared in this post, you can render a lavish appeal to your home.

Get started with the aforementioned tips, and share your experience with us!

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