5 Must-Have Tools for Construction Projects

Utility Knife
A utility knife is great for scoring caulk, along with other jobs.

3. Utility Knife

Kept in good condition, a utility knife has as many uses as the pocket knife.

Whether you’re opening packaging, cutting drywall, tape or marking a cut, utility knives are versatile.

After you purchase a utility knife, learn how to keep it from rusting and how to properly refill the blades to ensure longevity.

Plan to cut wood, drywall or thin metal? Grab a handsaw. (DepositPhotos)

4. Hand Saw

Hand saws are another versatile tool, whether you need to cut wood, drywall or thin metal.

Using the proper blade and elbow grease, you can quickly create the piece you need to help finish the project.


5. Pliers

With a wide variety available, a sturdy pair of slip-joint pliers can help perform many necessary jobs, from holding objects steady to bending metal.

The ability to hold narrow or wide objects makes it able to replace an assortment of different tools in a pinch.

The toolbox is an essential piece of any collection of construction equipment, and having these five pieces gives you a head start on any job, big or small.


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