4 Ways Pests Can Enter Your Home

Air conditioners outside a yellow home.
Check your air conditioner connections outside. Can pests enter the home around a torn hose? (DepositPhotos)

3. Air Conditioner

If you have a whole-house air conditioner unit sitting outside your home with a hose entering through a side wall, make sure the hose is not threadbare or torn.

Also check to see if the hose accent point, which is usually sealed with putty or a similar compound, has deteriorated to where a small rodent could enter.

Contact residential air conditioning contractors for a full inspection to catch unseen as well as visible damage to the hose or the access area so that it can be repaired before the problem worsens as the weather turns colder.

Man replaces weatherstripping in door frame
Self-adhesive foam weatherstripping covers any gaps in the door frame, it’s easy to install and keeps out pests.

4. Doors and Windows

Make sure all windows and doors are properly sealed. Replace worn weather stripping around the door frames to keep out unwanted pests and cold air.

Wooden window frames and door frames should be repaired or replaced to eliminate all possible access avenues for wildlife.

A few precautionary steps can save you time, money and frustration that would occur if pests take refuge in your home during the cold months.

If you are unsure how to check these areas, contact professionals who can do it for you, often at modest rates.

Anica Oaks is a freelance writer.


  1. Also good to keep in mind is that your homeowners insurance may not cover claims for damage caused by animals making their way in or nesting!

  2. What can you do for squirrels getting into the attic? Are there easy ways to keep them out? I have read that using apple cider vinegar keeps them out because they do not like the smell or peppermint oil does the same.


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