4 Tips to Extend Your Roof’s Life

Dry rot
It’s important to catch dry rot early to prevent further damage. (DepositPhotos)

3. Look Out for Dry Rot

Dry rot can completely destroy your roof, so keep an eye out to catch it early.

When your roof timbers start to rot, the shingles will become brittle and start falling off. The water that can drip into your house will cause cracks and streaks.

When you see these signs, take immediate action.
There are plenty of DIY guides on how to treat dry rot online, but it’s extremely dangerous if you don’t have the proper equipment or training.

If you need to, call a professional roof repair service to fix it.

An annual roof inspection, preferably by a professional, is the best way to extend your roof’s life. (DepositPhotos)

4. Perform Routine Maintenance

Inspecting your roof from time to time is the best way to make sure it lasts.

However, just like trying to fix the shingles in your roof, inspecting the roof can be hazardous.

Have a professional conduct an annual inspection rather than risk your safety.

Roof repair is an important part of homeownership. Having a solid roof protects the interior of your home from mold, fungus and turbulent weather.

Regularly checking the integrity of your roof and doing routine maintenance will make your roof last longer, as will completing repairs as soon as you notice the damage.

The roof is one of your home’s most important parts, so keep it well maintained and make necessary repairs immediately.


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