4 Seasons of Home Ownership: Spring

Homeowners Sharla and Stuart Brink help us kick off the 4 Seasons of Home Ownership with the spring checklist.
Homeowners Sharla and Stuart Brink take on the spring checklist with Danny Lipford, Chelsea Lipford Wolf and Allen Lyle.

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We’re kicking off our 4 Seasons of Home Ownership with a fun family and some springtime chores. Homeowners Stuart and Sharla Brink get a crash course in basic home maintenance, from clearing debris away from the AC condenser unit to repairing torn window screens to cleaning the dryer vent.

The list for each season includes 10 “must do” items, as well as some additional projects to tackle as time and budget allow or if you want to take on something extra.

Check out the 4 Seasons of Home Ownership for more info and visit the spring page to download the complete checklist and interactive infographic.

Allen Lyle and Stuart Brink install a rain diverter on the roof.
Allen Lyle and Stuart Brink install a rain diverter on the roof.

Installing a Rain Diverter

After cleaning out the gutters and clogged downspouts, we installed a rain diverter on the roof to keep front-door visitors dry.

First we spray painted the piece of metal flashing that would be used as the diverter, so it would blend in with the roof. Then we pried up the shingle tabs and slipped the diverter underneath. We tacked it down with a few roofing nails and resealed the shingles on top with some roofing cement.

Watch How to Install a Rain Diverter for more info.

Danny Lipford and Allen Lyle ensure the new fence post is level.
Danny Lipford and Allen Lyle ensure the new fence post is level.

Repairing a Leaning Fence

To repair the leaning fence, we first replaced the rotten boards on the section of fence next to the house. We used several weathered boards that we took from the back corner of the yard, because installing the bright new boards would be less obvious back there than on the front of the house.

Next, we removed the old, rotten posts by cutting the nails holding them in place and digging up the concrete. Then we set and leveled the new posts in place of the old. We used fast-setting concrete from Quikrete for two reasons: we could mix it right in the hole, and because it sets in less than an hour we could begin re-attaching the rest of the fence almost immediately.

Watch Repairing a Wooden Fence for more info.

Danny Lipford pours the concrete around the new post.
Danny Lipford pours the concrete around the new post.

Pressure Washing the Patio

After finishing up the 10 “must do” items, we got to work on some of the additional tasks that made a big impact on the curb appeal of their home, including pressure washing the front stoop and patio. We used the Generac One Wash Unit, which has an on-board tank that made it easy to apply the cleaning solution.

When pressure washing, it’s important to use the correct spray nozzle tip. The difference is the fan of the spray, measured in degrees: the 60-degree black tip is for applying the soap, and the 25-degree green tip is for cleaning most surfaces. The red tip is the most powerful – and dangerous – as it delivers a straight stream of water and can damage many surfaces.

Watch Tips for Cleaning Your Home with a Pressure Washer for more info.

The Brinks' front porch got a power washing, carriage lights, and a few plants to add some color.
The Brinks’ front patio got a power washing, new lighting, and plants to add color.

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  1. Love your show, wish it was an hour long. Wish you would come to my house, you’d have plenty of projects to tackle.

  2. I am a realtor and was looking to print the 4 seasons checklist that Danny spoke of on today’s show. I can’t find it. Can you help?

  3. I watched your Spring home ownership show today 3/12/16 and you installed an edging in the landscape. Can you tell me what that product was and where it might be purchased (Home Depot/Lowes)?

  4. On Saturdays episode, March 12, 2016, you power cleaned a concrete porch and then used a “sealer” to protect the masonry surface. Might you be able to tell me the name of the sealer? It looked like you applied it with a garden sprayer??
    Also, thoughts on if you think it would be appropriate for split brick steps?
    Thank you very much for your time, I enjoy your Saturday morning show!!

  5. Hi Danny,

    Nice work Danny, Really nice. This post is such a nice & wonderful “Installing a Rain Diverter”! I was just looking for Rain Diverter installation but couldn’t get much sufficient result but I visit todayshomeowner.com & got Rain Diverter! So big thanks to you Danny.

  6. I love the show about getting ready for Spring. If they ever want to tackle a bigger job, i have $20,000.00 for a bath remodel, but just not sure what or how to begin. Maybe they might be able to provide some idea for us and keep us within or close to the bugget we allowed.

    I have always enjoyed the show, for many years. The help would be great appreciated.

    Kind Regards,
    Margaret HUbbard

  7. I am trying to find the rake that you used on the Spring checklist show. It was a large rake (which I have) but had the mini rake attached. I haven’t been able to find it and didn’t know the brand.

    Thanks… loved the show!

  8. Ran across your show this morning and LOVE it. Sent link to your web page to my daughter since she is a fixer upper and home owner.

    Printed the Spring list and addressing now. Thanks for making it look so easy!

  9. Found you by accident but it’s no accident that I now tape every episode. You break things down to manageable size for DIYers. Just downloaded your Spring checklist. Can’t wait for Summer. Thanks for being so down-to-earth. Would you like to use my house for any episodes — lots to choose from.

  10. Love your show!
    I’ve got a new home in Tallahassee & would love advice to help us extend our tiny outdoor slab patio!


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