4 Plexiglass Ideas for Your Home Decor

Modern shower enclosed

2. Bathroom Enclosure

If you like the look of frameless glass shower enclosures and you want a safe and durable option, acrylic sheets are for you. Plexiglass sheet offers a sleek, 100% waterproof option.

Acrylic shower panels are relatively easy and quick to install, too. You can order custom-made shower enclosures and install them yourself.

Acrylic chair

3. Acrylic Chair

One reason home décor experts like plexiglass is because it provides an illusion of space. If you want to give the appearance of more space, glass and acrylic are the way to go.

So, replace your old, boring wooden desk and chair with acrylic. Pair a plexiglass chair with an acrylic desk to avoid the look of a crammed space.

Acrylic coffee table

4. Coffee Table

Much like glass tables, acrylic coffee tables look sleek and modern, but they have one more benefit: they’re more durable.

A coffee table with acrylic legs and a wooden top will greatly enhance your décor and take up less visual space.

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