4 Plexiglass Ideas for Your Home Decor

Acrylic dining room chairs

Plexiglass, or acrylic glass, has gained a special place in the home décor industry.

From acrylic chairs to plexiglass photo displays, this thermoplastic material is incredibly useful — and fashionable — around the house.

Wondering how to make the most of plexiglass in your home? Read on!

Plexiglass sheets colored
Plexiglass sheets come in different colors. (DepositPhotos)

Why Use Plexiglass?

There are many reasons why home décor experts like acrylic glass.

For starters, plexiglass is 17 times stronger than ordinary glass, which is particularly beneficial for large households with high foot traffic, increased use and higher likelihood of accidents.

It takes a lot of force to shatter plexiglass and, even if you manage to break it, it won’t shatter into a thousand pieces as glass does. This makes plexiglass safer around pets and small children.

Additionally, acrylic sheets are scratch-resistant. This is important, especially if you have children who play around your acrylic furniture.

And acrylic, which looks somewhat like glass, is equally elegant, sleek and beautiful.

Now, let’s explore some creative home décor ideas using plexiglass

Acrylic photo holder
Acrylic photo holders allow you to slip in a picture for easy desktop art. You also can buy acrylic sheets and mount photos between them. (DepositPhotos)

1. Photo Art

Interior designers are slowly moving away from traditional photo frames and embracing the acrylic glass trend.

Mounting photos in acrylic glass adds a personal, inviting touch to your home. To make fabulous photo art, you need colored acrylic glass squares. Cut them in different lengths and then copy your photos on transparency paper.

Once your pictures are ready, drill holes in your acrylic glass and cut the picture to fit the square.

Lightly dust the plexiglass with an adhesive and then apply the image.


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