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Jodi Marks uses the Klein Tools voltage tester

Make Electrical Projects Easier and Safer with Klein Tools Voltage Tester

Lots of homeowners avoid even simple electrical work, like replacing light fixtures, because they're afraid of touching a live wire. Well, here's a great way know for sure if it's live or not.
Closeup of wallpaper removal

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | November 28, 2020

Should you remove wallpaper or just paint over it? Listen to our advice on that and much more in this episode of the Today's Homeowner Radio Show.
Closeup of a home with a gable vent and soffit vents

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | November 21, 2020

Whether you need to install soffit vents or want pro tips on storm windows and walk-in showers, listen to this week's episode of the Today's Homeowner Radio Show.
Dan, a Home Depot employee, demonstrates the Ryobi power cleaner in a backyard, during a segment of Today's Homeowner.

Ryobi’s Easy Alternative For Power Cleaning

Ryobi's Cordless Power Cleaner is an easy alternative to pressure washing your exterior.
DeWalt Circular Saw

DeWalt Takes Circular Saws to Another Level

Cordless circular saws have come a long way, and DeWalt has taken it to another level with the Flexvolt Advantage Circular Saw.
Basement in older home

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | November 14, 2020

Whether you have a leak in the basement, need to bring back brass' shine or replace wooden expansion joints, we're here to help. Listen for tips!
Toilet with basket of toilet paper on the tank

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | November 7, 2020

Replacing basement floors, painting bathroom walls or considering hardwood and vinyl planks? First, get our advice on the Today's Homeowner Radio Show.
Jodi Marks demonstrates Simple Grout by Custom Building Products on Today's Homeowner

The No-Mix, No-Mess Alternative To Traditional Grout

More homeowners are tackling tile projects these days, and one of the reasons is that the materials are getting easier and easier to use.
Werner multipurpose ladder, seen outside

Werner’s Multipurpose Ladder is Practical for Homeowners, Pros

Sometimes, tools designed for the pros turn out to be just as good of a solution for homeowners, and this is a great example.
Dog peeking from under a fence

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | October 31, 2020

If you have holes under a gate from a dog trying to escape; crown molding that's come loose; or ivy invading your fiber cement siding, we have solutions.
Jodi Marks, of Today's Homeowner, stands beside a box of Daltile porcelain tiles in a workshop

Save Time, Not Style, with Beautiful Daltile QuicTile

I love tile flooring. But I'm not a fan of how long the installation takes. Then QuicTile by Daltile came along and revolutionized tile flooring projects.
White vinyl fence

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | October 24, 2020

Everyone wants to keep their home — inside and outside — in good shape, and that starts with cleaning. But some jobs are easier than others.