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How To Prolong Your HVAC’s Life And Save Money | Ep. 47

Learn how to keep your forced-air heating and cooling system from clogging — it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run!
Black attic stairway cover installed in an attic.

Keeping the Cold Out the Right Way | Ep. 46

We spoke with a homeowner who uses cardboard and A LOT of tape to keep the cold out of her home. We give her a better option to stay warm, cozy and out of the crafting box.
Home inspector checking windows on the outside of home and making notes on his clipboard.

14 Things Every First-Time Homebuyer Should Inspect | Ep. 45

First-time homebuyers may be excited to purchase their first home. But don’t close before you inspect these 14 things.

Why Sinkholes Occur and How to Repair Them | Ep. 44

Hearing the word "sinkhole" can be scary — Danny and Joe share how to repair an area that’s starting to sink.

How to Fix Water-Damaged Hardwood Floors | Ep. 43

Cupping hardwood floors result from moisture, but you can flatten them with these maintenance tricks.
Wooden fence under construction

What You Should Know Before Installing A Wood Fence|Ep. 42

Installing wood fencing? Here's how we suggest tackling the project!
Car parked in a driveway with noticeable damage on the side

How to Widen a Driveway Bordered by Retaining Walls | Ep. 41

Have retaining walls on both sides of a too-narrow driveway? Here’s what to do about them!

How to Refinish Sun-Damaged Wooden Doors | Ep. 40

How you can revive a door worn down by the sun's rays.
An eroded wrench with a lot of rust.

Volcanic Air Eroded My Tools, What Can I Do?- Ep 39

Even the most rust-damaged hand tools can be revived — learn about that and more in this week's Today's Homeowner Podcast.

Get to Know ‘Best New Products’ Host Jodi Marks!

In this bonus podcast, Danny talks to Jodi Marks, host of "Today’s Homeowner” TV’s Best New Products segment.

How to Remove Nails from Reclaimed Wood – Ep 38

Here's how to pull nails from reclaimed wood without causing any damage.

Ep 37. Range Hood Template, Killing Invasive Vines & Fungus

We help a homeowner who is running granite all the way up to her 8 -foot ceiling. She needs some advice when it comes to installing her range hood on that granite. And, vines can be beautiful but they sure are invasive. Danny and Joe help a homeowner with a non-toxic mixture that will limit vines from growing on his house.