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How To Encourage Cactus To Bloom

Beth asks, “How do I encourage my indoor cactus plant to bloom?"

Desert cacti are a challenge to get to bloom indoors, simply because we can't provide as much light as a sun-drenched desert. However, here are some tips for encouraging your cactus.
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Green Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Lawn and Garden

These days, we're all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and to contribute to a greener planet. But where does one begin? Going green doesn't need to be overwhelming – in fact, once you adopt a few eco-friendly habits, you'll find yourself naturally gravitating toward green choices. Read on for six easy resolutions toward a greener life for your yard and garden.

’Tis the Season for . . . Ticks?

This holiday season has proved full of surprises. From the leaking roof to two fender benders in one day to the exploding gingerbread, life's lesson plan this season seems stuck on “disaster” of the sort that's only comical after bolting back a few cups of eggnog. It's been a season of going with the flow, sometimes clinging to an upside-down canoe.

Looking forward to a Great 2010!

Happy New Year everyone! I am very excited to be ringing in a new year! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season and I hope that you all are as optimistic as I am for 2010!

How to Deal with Snow in Your Yard

In most cases, snow is nothing to fear in the garden – it's a great insulator, and it melts to provide much needed water to dry plants in the winter. However, heavy snow and ice buildup can cause devastating damage in the garden if limbs and trunks bend or break. Here's what you need to know about dealing with snow and ice in the yard and garden.

How to Replace a Paddle Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Switch

Brad asks, “How can I fix the pull chain on my ceiling fan that broke off inside the switch?” With most pull chain fan switches, you’ll need to replace the switch, though on some models you may be able to reattach the chain.
Frozen birdbath

How to Care for a Birdbath in Winter

If you live in an area with extended freezing temperatures, you may find that your birdbath or water feature freezes over rather quickly in winter. Read more for tips on taking care of a birdbath during the winter.
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Home Improvement New Year’s Resolutions

Another new year has arrived, but it’s not too late to add a few home improvement resolutions to your already long list. Here are some worth considering that will keep your house in shape, help the environment, and save you money.