15 Ways to Spring Clean with Vinegar

10. Add a Cup to Your Laundry

Get cleaner laundry with Vinegar!

– Wash only with cold water.
– To save water, wash only full loads, and don’t use the permanent press cycle on the dryer.
– Dry clothes on a clothesline rather than in the dryer.
– Choose eco-friendly detergent.
– Add a quarter cup of vinegar to save water and reduce energy to your next load.

11. Clean a Faucet Aerator

When a faucet has a weak or intermittent flow, the problem is often with the aerator. Aerators contain a fine wire screen that mixes water with air to provide an even flow. Over time this screen can become clogged with mineral deposits or debris, reducing the amount of water coming through.

To solve the problem, unscrew the aerator from the end of the faucet, and soak it overnight in a cup of white vinegar. The acid in the vinegar will dissolve any deposits and make the aerator as good as new.

12. Clean Dishwasher Spray Arms

If your dishwasher isn’t cleaning as well as it used to, the problem might be caused by clogged holes in the spray arms.

To unclog dishwasher spray arm holes:

– Remove the spray arms from the dishwasher.
– Use a piece of wire, such as coat hanger wire, the same diameter as the holes to clean out the holes in the spray arms.
– Put the arms back on the dishwasher and spin them to make sure they turn easily.
– In extreme cases, soak the spray arms in warm water and vinegar to dissolve mineral deposits.


  1. Danny & Chelsea,
    What is the best way or solution to getting hard water stains off my black granite counter top?
    Opal Morgan

    • Hi, Opal!
      If this is a hard-water stain that just won’t come out with household detergent and water, try this recipe:
      Mix water with baking soda to create a paste, and then scrub the stain and rinse the surface.
      Good luck with that granite countertop!

  2. We use “Cleaning Vinegar” for everything in the house. We use it as an all purpose cleaner and have it diluted based on the surface that we are cleaning. For the more difficult cleaning, use it as close to full strength as possible. For the other more delicate areas in the house, such as hard wood floors, counter tops, etc, dilute accordingly and make certain to wipe the area dry after cleaning with a damp cloth. The cleaning vinegar even diluted should never sit on a surface for a very long period of time. It is great for homes with pets and children.


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